The Forgotten Army - Azaadi ke liye

Lieutenant Sodhi and his army fight for Indian Independence during World War II as part of the Indian National Army; the journey and sacrifice of the Indian National Army from its soldiers' point of view.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - The Forgotten Army - Azaadi ke liye
24 Jan 2020
"Sodhi, an introverted old man, visits his sister's family in Singapore. The meeting catapults him into his past, and he narrates the controversial outcome of the Battle of Singapore and fate of the soldiers of the British Indian Army."
24 Jan 2020
"A sudden turn of events lead the Indian POWs to be a part of Indian National Army. Maya, an aspiring photographer, is driven to join this army. Sodhi and Arshad find a new purpose in fighting to free their motherland."
24 Jan 2020
"Maya and Rasammah enroll in the women's regiment. Rajan and many other civilians also enroll in the INA. In 1996, old Sodhi goes to Burma with his nephew, and circumstances lead him to shoot a Burmese soldier."
24 Jan 2020
"Old Sodhi finds himself in Rangoon that leads to an array of past events - the struggles of the Indian soldiers and the rains that destroyed everything. Under such a situation, the Japanese were ordered to retreat."
24 Jan 2020
"There is an attack on the base camp by the British Air Force but that doesn't deter the soldiers from marching ahead. Sodhi orders all the wounded to retreat along with the Women Regiment. Old Sodhi sacrifices his life to save his nephew."