Home and Away

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

Genre: Drama , Soap

Director: Alan Bateman

Country: Australia

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1988

IMDb: 5.2

Season 28 - Home and Away
"Will Brax take the fall for a murder? John decides that living next to the Braxtons is too dangerous. Hannah finally tells Denny that she may never walk again."
Season 29 - Home and Away
"Charlotte\u2019s body is found. Ricky decides to tell Nate that Brax is alive. Detective Dylan Carter comes back into Kat\u2019s life."
"Kat shuts Dylan down. Hunter returns and finds out that his mother has been murdered. Josh tells Evie and Andy that he\u2019s leaving Summer Bay."
"Are Matt and Maddy moving too fast? Hunter grieves for Charlotte \u2013 but who is he hiding from Olivia?"
"Can Oscar save Skye from her Mum? Billie prepares to face her charges."
"Will Hunter admit he framed Billie? Is Phoebe willing to give Ash a second chance?"
"Olivia supports Hunter in the aftermath of his confession. Have Kat and Dylan found Charlotte\u2019s real killer? Ash and Phoebe try to get back on track."
"Dylan grills Irene over Charlotte\u2019s murder. Ash challenges Dylan after finding out that he was abusive to Kat. Chris punches Andy and tells Hannah that she\u2019s a selfish heartbreaker."
"Roo invites Maddy and Matt to move in with her.\u00a0Oscar offers to accompany Skye to visit her mum.\u00a0Ricky returns to find Josh unwittingly neglected Casey."
"Ricky recommits to Nate \u2013 but will a surprise visitor change everything? Roo convinces Maddy & Matt to move in with her. Josh realises he has to turn his life around."
"Will Brax win Ricky back?"
"Brax\u2019s return rocks Ricky and Nate\u2019s relationship. Dylan sets out to prove that Ash killed Charlotte. Have Phoebe\u2019s feelings for Ash changed?"
"Kat proves Ash\u2019s innocence. Andy and Hannah can\u2019t deny their feelings any longer. Phoebe and Ash get back on track."
"Chris is still angry at Hannah.\u00a0Roo, Maddy & Matt juggle moving in together.\u00a0John gets a call \u2013 Marilyn\u2019s been in an accident overseas.\u00a0Evelyn finds a lump in her breast and fears the worst. Andy and Hannah finally end their romantic connection."
"Leah, Zac & Oscar comfort Evie.\u00a0Skye moves in to the Beach House and Olivia is not happy about it.\u00a0Hannah thinks she may have lost Chris forever."
"Evelyn gets her results. Matt and Maddy fight over cleaning at their new place. Ricky is worried that Nate can\u2019t get past Brax. Ricky surprises Nate by setting up plans for them to get married this week!"
"Nate moves into the Palmer House with Ricky and Casey. Josh and Evie reconnect. Hannah admits to Evie that she still loves Chris."
"Hannah is found by Chris, thankfully only with a concussion. Evelyn and Josh reunite through an awkward date. Kat discovers Charlotte called someone right before her death\u2026 it was Kyle."
"Billie encourages VJ to forgive Hunter. Ash & Andy decide to go into business together.\u00a0Olivia whinges about Skye who overhears everything. Dylan & Kat find new evidence for Charlotte\u2019s murderer."
"Ash and Andy get rejected by the bank, but Kat offers to invest in their business.\u00a0VJ and Hunter finally come to a truce and Leah invites Hunter to move back in.\u00a0Kat and Dylan ask Zac in for questioning."
"Zac\u2019s troubles go from bad to worse. Ricky struggles with her new living arrangements. Ash and Andy\u2019s plans to open a garage hit a snag."
"Zac is denied bail as Leah momentarily doubts his innocence. Ricky and Nate\u2019s wires are crossed as to why he\u2019s taking multiple shifts at work."
"Morag suspects Dylan is behind Zac being denied bail. Skye is heartbroken when she sees Oscar kissing another girl. A woman shows up on Irene\u2019s doorstep, claiming to be her long-lost daughter."
"Kyle\u2019s dark past finally catches up with him. Chris and Hannah navigate the rocky road to love. Irene\u2019s world is turned upside down."
"Olivia fears Irene is being manipulated by Claire.\u00a0Kyle contemplates a desperate act.\u00a0Hannah receives a phone call which could change her life forever."
"Hannah tests positive to having the cancer gene. Billie realises Kyle\u2019s planning to burn down Angelo\u2019s. Matt and Maddy make peace."
"Hannah is faced with a life changing decision. Kyle attempts to protect Isla, with disastrous results. Roo issues Maddy and Matt with an ultimatum."
"Ricky holds grave fears for a missing Kyle. Dave threatens the lives of Kyle and Isla. The Summer Bay house is vandalised in response to Zac\u2019s charges."
"Summer Bay turns on Leah and her family. Kat lets down her guard with Dylan. Ash and Andy face a devastating setback."
"Kat starts to believe Dylan has really changed. Olivia\u2019s suspicions about Claire deepen when Claire takes money from Irene. Ash and Andy\u2019s business gets off to a strange start."
"Hannah struggles to say goodbye to her pre-op body. Phoebe prevents Kat from having a second date with Dylan. Despite Ricky\u2019s warnings, Kyle gets in too deep with Isla."
"Chris\u2019 devotion to Hannah grows as she undergoes her double mastectomy. Evelyn struggles to deal with Hannah\u2019s surgery. Kyle\u2019s shocked when Isla kidnaps her children."
"Hannah struggles post-surgery to come to terms with what she\u2019s done. Phoebe and Ash butt heads over how to run the garage. Kat is drawn back into Dylan\u2019s web when he kisses her."
"Dylan\u2019s jealousy over Kat could mean trouble for Ash. Has Morag come up with the breakthrough to clear Zac\u2019s name?"
"Irene and Claire are heartbroken following Olivia\u2019s revelation. Oscar\u2019s success with ladies makes Skye jealous. Matt makes a life-changing choice."
"Zac returns home from prison but is hiding something. Olivia is set up by Lindsay with an incriminating photo. Skye recognises her self-worth despite her unrequited feelings for Oscar."
"Zac and Leah finally reconnect. Kat blurs the lines of professionalism with Detective Dylan Carter. Matt becomes the primary murder suspect in Charlotte\u2019s murder investigation."
"Matt is brought in a second time for questioning. Phoebe is busy with the fundraiser, minus the help of a preoccupied Ash. Kyle finally locates Isla."
"Ash goes to reconnect with an old friend but makes a big mistake. Isla and Kyle heat things up with an unexpected kiss. Hannah has a confronting outburst at the fundraiser."
"Irene opens up about her sexual abuse to Hannah to help her recovery. Chris and Hannah\u2019s love is strengthened as they plan for the future. Ash confesses to Phoebe that he thinks he cheated."
"A new career option emerges for Matt. Phoebe and Ash make a decision about their relationship. Dylan has a proposition for Kat."
"The garage gets trashed and Matt assumes it\u2019s his fault. In a drastic bid to get custody of her daughters, Isla purchases a gun. Kat falls deeper for Dylan, oblivious to his obsession."
"Is Ricky having second thoughts about the wedding? Kyle discovers Isla\u2019s plan to pull off a robbery. Lindsay continues scheming to get Hunter."
"Kyle helps Isla to escape, but lands himself in trouble.\u00a0Lindsay\u2019s recklessness leads to a showdown with Olivia. Ricky puts her wedding in jeopardy."
"Is Kyle prepared to take the fall for Isla? Ricky decides to bring the wedding forward.\u00a0Zac finally opens up about what happened in prison.\u00a0Something is wrong with Hunter."
"Zac is haunted by flashbacks from prison. Skye realises VJ has a crush on Billie. Greg finds out Zac was in prison with his son, Wayne. Leah continues to worry over Zac\u2019s mindset."
"Zac reaches breaking point and admits he needs help. Billie learns VJ has a crush on her. Ash realises Dylan has been playing him."
"The gang rally to get Matt out of his funk. Maddy is the victim of online abuse. Kat\u2019s affair with Dylan is exposed."
"Kat sticks by Dylan, who loses his cool when she is taken off the case. Matt learns about Maddy\u2019s cyber bullies and tries to help. Ricky is devastated to learn there\u2019s no way for Kyle to avoid gaol."
"Zac struggles with whether to help Tank or not. Kat\u2019s relationship with Dylan takes an unsettling turn. Maddy and Matt start to see through the fog of their cyber bullying."
"Evie tries to erase her past and Josh makes a surprising gesture. Billie tries to let VJ down gently. Zac blames himself for what happened to Tank."
"Wedding tension between Ricky and Nate escalates. Olivia has trouble confessing a secret to Hunter. Evelyn confronts Tank with an unexpected outcome."
"A blast from the past causes Ricky to question whether she still wants to marry Nate. Olivia is devastated after some shocking news. Kat\u2019s finding it harder to hide her doubts about Dylan."
"Kyle is tempted by a surprising offer from Isla. Ricky realises who she truly loves. Kat\u2019s mistrust of Dylan grows."
"Nate fears he\u2019s been stood up at the altar. Ash warns Dylan to stay away from his sister. Could this be Kyle\u2019s last night of freedom?"
"Kat pulls Ash into a dangerous scheme to expose Dylan. Kyle faces his moment of truth in court. Ricky fears her family is about to be ripped apart yet again."
"Kat goes to the police about Dylan\u2019s violence.\u00a0Olivia finally tells Hunter what she\u2019s hiding.\u00a0Kyle says goodbye to Summer Bay."
"Skye reaches out to a stranger. Olivia makes a decision about her pregnancy. Evie\u2019s surprise announcement is derailed. VJ attacks Tank."
"Is Skye falling for Tank\u2019s charms? Olivia faces up to her difficult and confronting choice. Zac and Leah continue to disagree over Tank."
"Kat succeeds in getting Dylan suspended. Skye grows closer to Tank. Phoebe struggles with Ash\u2019s presence at the Farm House."
"Skye and Tank defy the town. Ash and Kat can no longer deny their mutual attraction. Olivia has a secret."
"Kat and Ash are in denial about their attraction after their kiss. Billie has an horrific encounter at the gym. The honeymoon appears to be over too soon for Ricky and Nate."
"Billie cant bring herself to report her attack. Nate reaches breaking point with Ricky\u2019s lack of commitment. Dom gets under Phoebe\u2019s skin. The Hospital Fundraiser is forced to change venue."
"Andy\u2019s anger towards Tank leads to an impulsive and reckless decision. Ricky and Nate\u2019s tension simmers. Chris and Hannah agree to move in together. Irene is being watched"
"Post explosion chaos \u2013 who won\u2019t survive?"
"Andy\u2019s guilt compels him to look after Tank."
"Kat finally tracks down Charlotte\u2019s murderer."
"Summer Bay reacts to the news of another death. Andy struggles with his guilt over the part he played in the accident. Billie and VJ make a big decision."
"A hostage situation threatens another life. Skye learns the dark truth from Tank. Olivia is concerned over the whereabouts of Irene. Billie learns a potentially life changing bit of news."
"Summer Bay gathers to say goodbye to two of it\u2019s residents."
"Andy struggles with his guilt over the accident Summer Bay continues to mourn."
"Dom has another lady in his life."
"A couple can\u2019t accept their new reality with a disability."
"Tori starts to butt heads with those around her. Relationship woes run rampant in Summer Bay."
"Roo and Matt fear the worst as the search for Maddy intensifies. Maddy risks everything for one final goodbye. Nate chases new endeavours while his marriage flounders."
"Skye and Tank reunite. Evelyn and Josh are shattered to learn the truth about the accident."
"Zac and Evelyn learn Leah knew about Andy\u2019s involvement in the accident."
"Leah discovers VJ and Billie are in a relationship."
"Skye is increasingly attracted to Tank."
"Nate and Ricky\u2019s relationship gets back on track, only to be derailed by Nate spying a text. Dom and Phoebe put their differences aside to search for Bella. Olivia finds an unlikely supporter."
"Nate is troubled to learn that Ricky thinks their marriage is on the rocks. Kat and Phoebe are forced to face each other over an awkward lunch."
"A bombshell is dropped when Leah and VJ learn about Billie\u2019s pregnancy. Roo is flirting with danger when she seeks a cure for her insomnia. Tension builds for Josh."
"Things go from bad to worse for Roo when Tanya sues her."
"Maddy makes a decision about the future, while Skye follows her heart."
"Ricky and Nate\u2019s relationship continues its downward spiral. Tori is rocked by memories of the past. Matt makes a life-changing decision."
"Maddy realises Matt belongs in Summer Bay and makes a difficult decision. Roo takes drastic actions to heal the pain of Maddy\u2019s departure."
"Billie makes a dangerous play to hide her secret forever. Roo struggles to cope with her increasingly fragile state. Phoebe pushes Dom for clarity on their relationship."
"Olivia and Hunter are back on track. Leah impulsively invites Billie to move in."
"Hunter worries about Olivia\u2019s reaction to Skye. Nate tries to drink away his relationship troubles."
"A blast from the past offers Ricky a startling proposition. Evelyn is staggered as Josh confesses his guilt. Ash betrays Kat in his attempts to save Josh\u2019s skin."
"Josh goes to confess to Charlotte\u2019s murder, only to find Andy already has. Ricky leaves Summer Bay to start fresh with Brax and baby Casey. The Morgan brothers arrive."
"Andy\u2019s confession changes everything. Phoebe comes to a realisation about her relationship. The Morgan boys make their presence felt in Summer Bay."
"Phoebe gets to know the Morgans. Alf forces Roo to admit she needs help."
"VJ makes it clear to Billie that he wants to start a family with her. Olivia vows to act on her concern for Irene."
"Alf has a heart attack. Can Justin save him? Nate and Tori face rumours about their relationship. Hunter struggles in the wake of Andy\u2019s apparent confession."
"The mystery of the Morgan family deepens when Masons ex comes to visit. Alf\u2019s life is on the line despite Justin\u2019s brave rescue attempt. Angelo\u2019s receives help from an unexpected customer."
"Alf\u2019s brought back to life but he may never fully recover. The Morgans clash over Masons love life. Josh\u2019s all-consuming guilt continues. Hunter\u2019s grief for his Mum compels him to take revenge."
"Evelyn and Josh address the change in their relationship, only for Josh to be arrested. Hunter works through Andy\u2019s betrayal."
Season 30 - Home and Away
"No description"
"A bushfire terrorises the Summer Grooves festival. Justin\u2019s life is on the line. Billie\u2019s labour begins \u2013 but will she escape the bushfire?"
"Tori is rocked by a blast from the past \u2013 a mysterious new surgeon. Mick is back in town. Is Irene in danger?"
"Mick terrorises Irene. Tori reveals the truth about Riley."
"Ash has come back to Summer Bay on a mission."
"Olivia goes overboard to be the best girlfriend ever."
"Summer Bay's fire-bug may have bitten off more than they can chew. The police are on the case."
"Mick has been released from the psychiatric hospital and has returned to The Bay. But why has he come back?"
"The truth about Luc\u2019s paternity is revealed. Will baby Luc be okay? Marilyn receives terrible news."
"Justin\u2019s neediness becomes too much. Mason gives Hunter some unwanted advice. Riley searches for answers about Tori."
"Justin is furious about Riley\u2019s arrival in town. Evelyn helps Kat\u2019s investigation. Tori has to choose between Nate and Riley."
"Justin plans a special dinner to make things up to Phoebe and has a gift for her \u2013 a ring box. Mason is beginning to doubt his relationship with Olivia."
"Justin suffers post-operative complications. John struggles to care for Marilyn at home. Tori gets a second chance with Nate but Riley\u2019s not going down without a fight."
"VJ and Billie are at loggerheads with each other. Phoebe\u2019s horrified to discover Justin\u2019s secret intentions. Is the Summer Bay arsonist one of our own?"
"Tempers flare between Billie and Leah."
"Leah learns that Zac has been keeping a dangerous secret. Luc\u2019s baby blessing ends in tragedy."
"Rushed to hospital after her collapse, Billie\u2019s medical emergency has devastating consequences. Hurt by Nate, Tori finds herself warming to Riley. Tension continues between Zac and Leah over Sam appearing in the Bay."
"Rocked by the worst possible news, the residents of Summer Bay rally around Billie and VJ in their time of need. A surprise wedding in the midst of tragedy. Leah remains angry with Zac."
"Summer Bay residents are left grieving. Zac confides in Sam after recent tragic events."
"Evelyn receives exciting news."
"Hunter inadvertently gets between Mason and Olivia. Justin fears he will never see his daughter again. Tori takes control of her date with Riley. Is the serial arsonist about to strike again?"
"Kat discovers that the arsonist is John. Phoebe and Justin finally manage to contact Nina. John\u2019s symptoms worsen until he finally succumbs to his condition."
"Hostilities reignite between Ash and VJ, and an explosive secret is revealed. Marilyn buckles as John\u2019s fate hangs in the balance. Justin faces the toughest decision of his life."
Season 31 - Home and Away
"No description"
"Tori worries Justin will help a grief-stricken Ash get revenge on Robbo. Ben searches for a missing Maggie \u2014 but will he find her in time?"
"Hunter breaks down following Olivia\u2019s rejection. Justin and Ash track Robbo down. Is Tori losing Ash?"
"Will Justin and Willow finally get their act together? Olivia chooses Axel and to go on the adventure. Maggie receives a diagnosis in hospital."
"Will Robbo finally get caught? Hunter and Jennifer start a surprise romance. Dean confronts Colby about their shared past."
"Ash pushes everyone away. Roo readies herself to hear the truth. Colby\u2019s secret is revealed."
"Leah and Colby help Jasmine with her stalker. Justin falls out with his brothers over the Robbo situation. Roo wrestles with Alf\u2019s revelation about her mother."
"Roo rejects Alf and is devastated to learn the truth about Martha\u2019s departure. The Astonis rally around Maggie following mixed results from her cancer scan. Olivia struggles with designer\u2019s block."
"Hunter and Jennifer\u2019s budding romance is awkwardly interrupted by Olivia. The Astonis struggle with Maggie\u2019s bad reaction to chemo. Jasmine\u2019s stalker comes to the Bay."
"Jasmine\u2019s stalker shows his true colours. Colby confronts Tori over her obsession with Robbo. Can Ryder cure Alf\u2019s bad case of the grumps?"
"Will Leah\u2019s quick thinking bring the hostage situation to an end? Three becomes a crowd for Justin, Willow and Dean. Roo struggles to accept her mother\u2019s rejection."
"Justin clashes with Dean and Ash. Ash goes above and beyond for Dean. Packing up Kat\u2019s belongings brings reality home to Maggie. Roo arrives at a huge decision."
"Tori is on a one-woman crusade to save Robbo from gaol. Olivia struggles with career and heartbreak. Ziggy asks Ben to lie to Brody for her."
"Robbo\u2019s release outrages the Bay. Roo\u2019s search for Martha pushes Alf further away."
"Ash drives Robbo to the brink. Dean\u2019s new job puts him on a collision course with Justin. Will Ziggy\u2019s overprotectiveness cause permanent damage with Maggie?"
"Hunter\u2019s past derails his fresh start. Ben\u2019s illness pushes him away from Maggie. Alf supports Roo\u2019s search for her mother."
"Ben pressures Ziggy to hide his secret from Maggie. Mason grows closer to Jasmine."
"Tori realises the key to helping Robbo move on. Justin and Willow struggle to get time alone."
"Justin\u2019s daughter tests his new relationship with Willow. Robbo\u2019s ready to fight for his freedom. Mason pulls out all stops to keep Jasmine in the Bay."
"Willow learns the truth about Dean and Colby\u2019s accident. Mason\u2019s return to hospital work brings back painful memories. Ben protects a fragile Maggie from his court hearing."
"Hunter and Olivia put their differences aside \u2013 but how will Jennifer take it? Ben and Maggie navigate the importance of honesty. Raffy pushes Ryder to ask Coco out."
"Hunter has second thoughts about Jennifer. Ash\u2019s self-imposed isolation leaves his life hanging in the balance."
"The race is on to rescue Ash from beneath the car before its too late. Hunter wrestles with a guilty conscience after breaking up with Jennifer."
"Tori struggles with her feelings as Ash continues to deteriorate. Has Robbo destroyed any chance he has for freedom? Can Hunter save the day for Jennifer?"
"Colby and Dean\u2019s rift widens. Robbo finds an unconventional lawyer. Maggie throws herself back into her old life. Roo and Alf reconnect."
"Dean proves his loyalty to Colby despite their past. Maggie\u2019s problems escalate rapidly \u2013 how long can she hold it together? Brody gets a glimpse into his future with Ziggy."
"Ziggy\u2019s surprise birthday party is a huge success. Jasmine and Colby share a moment \u2013 could they be more than friends? Maggie confesses her fear the cancer has spread."
"Maggie\u2019s life takes another disastrous turn. Dean gives Ash a dangerous solution to his subpoena. Will Olivia & Hunter get back together?"
"Justin\u2019s deepest fears become reality as the search for Ava intensifies. Ash grows frustrated as the mystery about what happened at Robbo\u2019s trial thickens. Colby grows closer to Jasmine."
"Robbo\u2019s memories finally return. The Morgans learn Ava has been kidnapped. Colby\u2019s mysterious past gets in the way of his relationship with Jasmine. The community rallies to support Maggie."
"Justin\u2019s risky plan fractures his family. Alf suspects Roo is hiding something. Will Ziggy\u2019s sacrifice be enough to save Maggie?"
"How will Ash react when he hears the truth about Robbo\u2019s past? Olivia makes a drunken proposal, with big consequences. Alf struggles with unresolved issues linked to Martha\u2019s reappearance."
"Dean pushes Ash to the brink. Will Willow ask Justin to choose between her and Ava? John and Marilyn make Raffy an offer she can\u2019t refuse."
"Ash loses his mind and says goodbye. Justin is bewildered by the breakup. Maggie gets a shock. Dean wants answers."
"Will Dean sell Colby down the River? Can Maggie cope while Ben goes back to work? Can Olivia and Jasmine make their new housing arrangement work?"
"Ebony digs for information about Colby. Is Olivia having second thoughts about her new roommate? Maggie\u2019s health leaves her feeling disconnected from the world and her family."
"What is Ebony up to? Will Justin and Willow make amends? Marilyn and John are successful in their foster application."
"Will Justin lose his business? What game is Ebony playing? Will Olivia convince Jasmine to follow her heart before its too late?"
"Raffy is unimpressed by the new foster kid. Olivia pushes Jasmine to make a move on Colby. Justin struggles with the fall out from the accident."
"Marilyn and John face an uphill battle settling Ty into their family. What is Coco hiding from Ryder? Maggie has a falling out with Ben at work, while her illness continues to loom large."
"Robbo calls upon an old friend from the Feds. Maggie takes control of her cancer the only way she can. Ryder seeks out relationship advice, but only ends up worse off."
"Will Robbo listen to Lance and take back his old life, or is the Bay starting to accept him? Can Maggie gain her self-confidence back now her sickness is more evident than ever?"
"Can Olivia and Hunter repair what\u2019s left of their friendship? Ebony\u2019s plan for revenge starts to come to fruition. Can Robbo say goodbye to the Bay?"
"Ebony\u2019s threats push Justin closer to the edge. Raffy\u2019s feud with Ty takes a shocking turn. Willow crosses a line with Dean."
"Willow\u2019s love life takes a messy, unexpected turn. It is a particularly difficult day for Colby. Raffy and Ty become friends\u2026but is that all?"
"Maggie\u2019s condition takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Ebony starts to reel Colby into her web of lies. Ryder\u2019s attempts to win over Coco backfire spectacularly."
"Maggie\u2019s illness takes a turn for the worse. Ebony drives a wedge between Colby and Jasmine. Coco pushes Ryder further away."
"The Astonis prepare for the worst when finally, Maggie wakes up! Ebony drives a wedge between Jasmine and Colby. Ash is back in the Bay!"
"Robbo returns to basic police training in order to get his job back. But can he tick all the required boxes? Ash returns to the bay as a changed man. How long can Willow string Dean along?"
"Will Colby be suspended from the police force? Hunter and Mason wonder if its time to hit up the single scene."
"Ebony starts asking questions about Robbo but does he buy her innocent act? Maggie plans an impromptu getaway. While Justin and Willow are at odds, Ash and Tori reconnect."
"Can Tori and Ash give their relationship another go? Maggie\u2019s goodbye letters are discovered. Alf tries to help Robbo find a purpose in life."
"Justin learns about Nina\u2019s ultimatum. Has Tori ruined her chances of rekindling a relationship with Ash? Raffy feels sidelined as Ryder and Ty\u2019s friendship grows."
"Willow steals money to pay for rent and hide her gambling addiction. Raffy and Ty finally get some time alone. Colby falls apart under pressure and he and Dean comes to blows."