America's Funniest Home Videos

Viewers from around America send in home videos with comedic moments.

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1989

IMDb: 6.2

Season 27 - America's Funniest Home Videos
"This week\u2019s video highlights include a woman who tries to order hotel room service from a lamp, a teenager who gets a new phone for her birthday and immediately drops it, a package of funny faces in slo-mo, an oblivious who man vacuums but doesn\u2019t realize the hose isn\u2019t attached, and remote-controlled cars that send a cat jumping sky high when it moves."
"This week\u2019s video highlights include people startled in funny ways, including a practical joke of a shocked delivery room nurse discovering a prop Medusa doll under the blanket of a woman about to give birth; amusing statements from kids, including a little girl who frets about having children because they \u201care so exhausting\u201d; a wife captures her husband laughing hysterically in his sleep; and \u201cAnimals Stealing Hats Versus Stilts.\u201d"
"This week\u2019s video highlights feature hilarious wedding moments that include a best man who faints and takes the entire wedding arch down with him, unique fails for people attempting the \u201cMannequin Challenge,\u201d a young magician who pouts when his sister tells the audience how he performed his trick, and a little boy who is very proud of the haircut he gave himself, but his disapproving mom is unable to share in his pride."
"This week\u2019s video highlights feature workforce practical jokes, including one played on a woman in a medical office who\u2019s confronted by a hanging skeleton, a big bucket of curry stew overturns in the trunk of a man\u2019s car and he tries to spoon it out with a ladle, an ostrich at a safari park grabs and swallows an air freshener from a car, and a grandma faces her fear of sharks in the most hilarious way during a virtual reality experience"
"This week\u2019s video highlights feature Easter-themed videos of kids\u2019 hilarious Easter egg hunts, which include a little girl so focused on finding eggs that she overlooks the big basket of candy right in front of her, and another who has an adverse reaction when she spots the Easter Bunny. Also, a dog who thinks his shadow belongs to another dog and a barking war ensues, a boy\u2019s toy drone gets caught in his mother\u2019s hair, and a musical salute to hamsters eating."
"This week\u2019s video highlights features \u201cDad Fails\u201d segments and includes one dad who got a toy train stuck in his hair, people reacting in funny ways while wearing virtual reality goggles, a man proposing to his girlfriend on the side of the road being heckled by passing cars, a babysitter who finds herself being chased by a milk-spitting toddler, and a little girl who is overcome with love for her sister while singing \u201cHappy Birthday\u201d to her."
"This week\u2019s video highlights features a hilarious series of Face Swaps; snow-related mishaps, including a girl who makes a snow angel only to realize a moment too late that a dog had just been in the same spot; a little girl who is devastated when she learns that Pluto is no longer a planet; a driver who attempts to get cows to move out of the road, much to the cows\u2019 amusement; and a toddler who is left with a very wet face after being overcome by 14 puppies."
"Nine finalists battle it out for a $100,000 prize and the chance to compete against the season\u2019s first $100,000 prize winner for the grand prize. The videos include \u201cSedated and Elated,\u201d a sedated man reveals his emotional side after his father reminds him he has a mother, sisters and a dog; \u201cBee Sting Surprise,\u201d a wife gets a stinging surprise when she thinks a swarm of bees might attack her husband while he\u2019s mowing the lawn; \u201cDancing with the Cars,\u201d two brothers dance to the rhythm of a car alarm in a parking lot; \u201cAnesthesia Amnesia,\u201d a woman recovering from dental surgery is shocked when she learns that she doesn\u2019t like her daughters\u2019 initials; \u201cPizza Pilfering Pooch,\u201d a woman scolds her guilty dog when she discovers it has eaten several slices of pizza from an unattended box; \u201cThanksgagging Dinner,\u201d a Thanksgiving dinner hostess gags as she prepares a turkey for her family; \u201cCanine Counter Intelligence,\u201d a Labrador Retriever dog is caught on camera reaching far with his paw to steal food from the kitchen counter; \u201cFrom Baptism to Claptism,\u201d a baby boy starts clapping along with the congregation at his dedication ceremony, \u201c and \u201cEgg Cracking Cranium,\u201d a 3-year-old boy can\u2019t open his surprise Easter egg, so his big brother comes to the rescue and slams it against his own head."
Season 28 - America's Funniest Home Videos
"A music montage featuring dinosaurs; mishaps in the great outdoors; a passing jet skier pranks a sunbather; dogs saying \"I love you.\""
"A little boy believes he got his dimples from the library; a little girl prefers the drug store to an amusement park; montage of people wearing virtual reality goggles; winter mishaps montage; cats."
"Kids react to scary Halloween decorations; pets in costumes; a monkey at the zoo gets jealous watching a couple kiss."
"A birthday girl wishes for a better cake; teen sisters interrupt piano practice with their funny dance interpretation; mishaps between dads and their daughters; a daughter helps wax her dad's stomach."
"A man's tire rolls and knocks down a neighbor's mailbox; a car sunroof that leaks during a drive-through car wash; kids amazed by magic tricks; a macho guy encounters bats."
"A delivery man forgets to put the brakes on his truck; a chicken surprises a woman; a raccoon tries to pass for a household pet; a person only paying attention to their phone has an encounter with a full table of food."
"A girl misplaces her lollipop; a kid gets a fish stuck in his shorts; parents turn their child's tantrum into a lip-syncing contest; a girl plans to live a lavish life."
"Holiday-themed clips include the following: an ugly Christmas sweater causes trouble, a toddler tries to jump on the photo of a trampoline, a little boy obliviously walks around his Christmas gift, and a dog causes calamity in the kitchen."
"A boy describes his girlfriend as being a bit prehistoric; a dog jumps off a boat to swim with a dolphin; a squirrel struggles to climb the pole to a bird feeder."
"A cat tries to drink a man's coffee; a cat curbs its appetite by stealing an entire bag of meat; the crazy antics of cats and other pets."
"Ten finalists compete for a $100,000 prize; wind blows homework out of a backpack; a toddler refuses vegetables; a mom discovers a huge mess; a dog gets excited by a dog puppet; a woman tests a bug zapper; a man sings Christmas carols in his car."
"A young girl thinks a photo of George Washington is her Aunt Marsha; a young boy tries to command music to be played from a non-existing device; a baby accidentally orders $900 concert tickets from his aunt's phone; goats caught on camera."
"Annoyed siblings; dogs in slow motion; a girl believes dad's laser pointer is Tinkerbell."
"Hilarious football follies; adorable hamsters; curious bears."
"An excited dog tackles a boy; a bird refuses to leave a car's hood; parents lip sync to their kids' tantrums."
"Children afraid of the Easter Bunny, egg hunts and birthday mishaps including a dog who makes off with a mouthful of cash his owner just received."
"It\u2019s a winter-themed episode full of blunders involving snow skiing, sledding and snow angel mishaps, basketball tricks, and a bear walking into a house to steal a bottle of ammonia."
"A dog obeys the sit and stay command but finds a clever way to get closer to a treat; a camel frightens a woman when it sticks its head through her car window; a family is shocked when an old chimney smashes against the house."
"Kids drop their new phones right out of the package, a dad pranks his teenager with a stuffed raccoon hiding in a pantry and kids make funny faces after eating sour foods."
"A little girl asks Siri for the passcode to her dad\u2019s phone, people fainting during special occasions, whale watchers are surprised by a whale that gets too close, and people who just got their wisdom teeth removed think they\u2019ve lost their tongue."
"Nine finalists put their funny videos on the line for a $100,000 prize."
Season 29 - America's Funniest Home Videos
"Funny pranks, a musical tribute to cats and a deer who steals the carrot-nose from a snowman."
"Kids stumped by payphones, dogs reacting to disappearing owners who play the \u201cWhat the Fluff\u201d prank on them, soccer mishaps and party fails."
"A woman doing the \u201cWhisper Challenge\u201d finds out she\u2019s going to be a grandma, a little boy who wants more money tears two dollar bills in half to make four, a young boy cuts his hair and glues it to his armpits to be more like dad, and senior citizens who aren\u2019t afraid to laughs at themselves."
"A dog steals a delivery man\u2019s package and a game of chase ensues; a camel steals a bag of snacks from a shocked little girl\u2019s hand; a woman gets stuck trying to climb into a house through the window; and a man doesn\u2019t react well to getting his nose hair waxed."
"America\u2019s Funniest Home Videos celebrates Halloween with people being scared by Halloween costumes, costume malfunctions and a music montage featuring pumpkin mishaps."
"It\u2019s work mishaps including a forklift operator who runs into a boat, a girl who runs for cover as seagulls swarm her on the beach, plus people who are scared by small animals."
"This episode features wedding fails, including a groom who gets a phone call at the altar; a man who pranks his girlfriend into thinking motorcycles have seatbelts; and a mom who challenges her son to eat a spoonful of horseradish."
"This week\u2019s episode celebrates Thanksgiving with segments including \u201cThings that Rhyme with Thanksgiving\u201d and \u201cThings We\u2019re Thankful For.\u201d Catch a tribute to baseball that includes a little leaguer who moves the T-ball stand to slide into home base, and another who stops short of the base and is dragged to it by his coach. Plus, two girls excited about their first day of school miss their bus, on an all-new episode."
"Stumblebums, fishing mishaps and pranks, including a remote-controlled fake alligator that goes after a woman lounging in a river."
"AFV celebrates the holidays with Christmas-themed clips, including kids excited by their gifts; mishaps with kids driving their new toy cars in the house; dogs destroying ornaments; and people surprised by sweet holiday homecomings."
"This week\u2019s videos include a music montage featuring people terrified while on amusement park rides and people saying funny things while under anesthesia."
"Kids are pranked by their parents into eating caramel-covered onions, and a mailman climbs up a pole to escape a dog who chases him. Kids say funny things, including one who thinks gravy is a vegetable, and parents lip-synch to their kids\u2019 tantrums."
"Dogs that can say \u201cI love you,\u201d a moon-gazing little girl who is terribly upset she can\u2019t play with the ball in the sky and mishaps with kids who make their own slime."
"Catch funny and unusual sneezes, dogs who are stupefied by the \u201cWhat-the-Fluff\u201d challenge and a chocolate-covered tot who tries to blame the dog."
"Don\u2019t miss kids saying funny things, including a little girl who claims her dog turned into a human and colored the rug, a teen recovering from dental surgery who thinks his ice pack is a juice box and a music montage featuring people who get scared in the funniest ways."
"Tune in to see people surprised by Whoopee Cushions; people getting pranked, including a woman who gets scared by an inflatable alien; and funny mishaps at work."
"Don\u2019t miss people blowing their dogs\u2019 minds with the \u201cWhat the Fluff\u201d challenge; a musical montage featuring the sometimes-antagonistic relationship between cats and dogs; a little boy confessing to eating his brother\u2019s cookie after his mom says his nose is growing; and a segment dedicated to the joys of parenting."
"Catch funny Easter-themed videos, a wild racoon finding its way into an office and scaring workers, a dog wanting to join a family in the process of making pizza and a gender-reveal balloon sailing away before the reveal."
"Don\u2019t miss a woman learning she is going to be a grandma by finding a bun in the oven, a drone getting stuck in a woman\u2019s hair, a woman being pranked by her family with a whoopee cushion, and a grandma getting very excited when she is gifted with tickets to \u201cDancing with the Stars.\u201d"
"It\u2019s people who are stumped by a simple riddle, a toddler confused by his mom and her identical twin, unique and funny wedding proposals, and a music montage featuring treadmill mishaps."
"In this momentous episode of \u201cAFV,\u201d nine winning videos compete for the ultimate cash prize of $100,000! Also included is a music montage featuring mishaps with toys and blunders taking place in the snow."